About Bestarz

Bestarz is an intuitive and compassionate healer. She has been a strong advocate of self-care and self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world, the life itself.

Bestarz has the ability to communicate direct with spiritual guides and divine beings, in addition her sensitivity towards earthly energy and spirituality can amplify the healingz process and yet stay within your comfort level.

She created Bestarz Rejuvenation • 静星愈林 for souls to seek solitude and tranquility. Providing healingz from searching of life purpose, inner child healingz, energy cleansing & restoration to emotional transformation, Bestarz devotes herself in helping the souls to regain love and passion for life! Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/BestarzRejuvenation

Bestarz also has a flair in flower arrangement and Floral Healingz is one of her signature healing modalities. Learn more about her artwork at Instagram @floral_healingz

Note : Bestarz means Be Yourself!

Hear from Bestarz and get inspired by her powerful and compassionate sound healingz with energy channeled from the great ocean: